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When you have an idea how the space in which you live, work or simply enjoy should look or at least have an idea how you want it to feel, often modified to fit your various restrictions, either representational, functional or financial nature. At a time when the order came to be material to use to make the vision of that area was fully established, created a series of problems. But I do not have to be so. Here the scene quite confidently enters Bomanite.



Extensive experience, high trained team of experts and high-quality, virtually unlimited choice of products Bomanite, provide such security and to guarantee places for care no more. What you need to do is just to izmaštate your reality, and it will unmistakably be there. A Bomanite will do everything else, and gladly help you with advice and ideas to reach the desired goal with a smile and say “Yes, that”s it.”


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And architectural concrete coating and paving. And best of its kind that you can get. Behind these claims is brave half-century tradition of performance tested printed concrete and use of other technology stamp of the world”s leading empire in this area-Bomanite corporation, from California, USA, and Bomanite Group International. This big family now has trained over 400 licensed partners worldwide, among which is our company BOMANITE, proud to be noted as the inventor of printed, colored concrete, which is performed on the spot.

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Beauty Bomanite technology is just in its flexibility to adapt to a variety of projects and complete architectural unit, the intimate atmosphere of your yard to public life the broad strokes of urban parks and promenades. And the border is no longer…